About Us

Why Study In Science Academy?

Science Academy was created with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for Physics/Chemistry /Mathematics and Biology enthusiasts who dreamt to crack the prestigious IIT-JAM entrance examinations. We had a very wonderful beginning with 100% results (IIT-JAM'12). The compelling desire to inspire for perfection helped us to leave an indelible imprint on our students. And since then we have not looked back. The success of our students has catalyzed our efforts to venture into areas beyond IIT-JAM. The toil of our faculty has enabled students to perform brilliantly in exams like TIFR, JEST, CSIR-NET, IISERs, BHU, DU and Other M.Sc. Entrances. We, at Science Academy, understand the importance of quality education and thus, will continue setting newer benchmarks of excellence.


We firmly believe in the old English proverb – 'Actions speak louder than words' and it is the result of our students which speaks for us. Throughout the years Science Academy has produced toppers and will continue to search for perfection in the upcoming years. A brief glimpse at the results show:


SCIENCE ACADEMY has a bunch of teachers whose learning methodology, credibility and enthusiasm for teaching is unmatched. Proudly possessing a team that is academically brilliant and experienced, we ensure that the students excel through personalised learning, academic excellence and clear concepts.
1. Ankit Gupta
Qualification- (M.Sc.- IIT Delhi), GATE- AIR 43,CSIR-NET AIR-23
Experience- 5 year
Topic- EMT & Mathematical Physics
2. Neeraj Kumar
Qualification- ( Phd. , Delhi University), GATE- AIR-59,CSIR-NET AIR-45
Experience- 4 year
Topic- Electronics & Digital Electronics
3. Praveen Malik
Qualification- (M.Sc.- MDU), GATE- AIR- 79,CSIR-NET AIR-69
Experience- 4.5 year
Topic- Modern Physics
4. Pradeep Rajput
Qualification- (M.Sc.- IIT Delhi), GATE- AIR 124,CSIR-NET AIR-19
Experience- 3 year
Topic- Solid State & Nuclear Physics
5. Vivek Kumar
Qualification- (M.Tech.- IIT Delhi), GATE- AIR 41,CSIR-NET AIR-37
Experience- 3 year
Topic- Wave & oscillation
6. Payal Aggarwal
Qualification- (M.Sc.- Delhi University), Geoscientist AIR-1 , GATE- AIR 53,CSIR-NET AIR-06
Experience- 5 year
Topic- Thermodynamics
7. Rinku Sharma
Qualification- (M.Sc.- Delhi University), CSIR-NET AIR-73
Experience- 3 year
Topic- Mechanics


Ever encountered the situation of "Too many books, too little time" while preparing for an exam? We, at SCIENCE ACADEMY, see things from the student's perspective and bring you with the finest study material. The self sufficient booklets with ample of content and questions can be easily relied on. With no unnecessary confusion about where to start from, our students feel more confident prior to the examination than other aspirants.

Periodic Test

We hold a series of minor and major tests (both online and offline) throughout the year to keep a track of the students' progress. The SCIENCE ACADEMY mobile app provides you with a paid test series and several mock tests which are free for our students. Apart from introducing the students with the online test environment, it helps them in monitoring their strengths and weakness, progress graphs and a detailed analysis of every question. We provides Test series in modes – Unit, Minor, Major, Part and Full Test Series.

Doubt Session

Apart from robust discussions in classrooms, SCIENCE ACADEMY also provides its students with a separate body called the 'Doubt Faculty' which is available 6 days a week. This meticulously planned platform ensures that every student has access to teachers to get their doubts easily clarified at any time of the day. Individual problems are solved by our expert faculty to ascertain that the concepts of every student are strengthened and the experience of learning is impactful.